“Verena von Horsten’s „Alien Angel Super Death“ was without any doubt one of the most striking albums released in Switzerland last year. Thanks to a deal with German label Broken Silence, it was officially released in Germany on 26 February. Via Broken Silence’s distribution network it is now also available worldwide. Using an idiosyncratic mixture of organic piano, cheap old synths, even cheaper, older drum machines, guitars and her extraordinarily powerful voice, von Horsten uses the songs of „Alien Angel Super Death“ to describe her feelings after the suicide of her brother, and her own struggle with severe depression. The album received a huge amount of publicity when it was released in Switzerland last autumn, and not just because of the subject matter of the lyrics, but also because of the sheer quality and originality of the music. The album does offer an emotional rollercoaster ride, yes. But with her incredible emotional strength and intellectual conviction, embodied by the music, von Horsten leaves the listener with a huge sense of joy as well as optimism about the power of the human spirit.” Hanspeter Künzler